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Hollywood Smile
Hollywood Smile has become the most popular treatmentmostly people dream about getting beautiful Hollywood smile here’s the good news now a sparkling white Hollywood smile is not out of reach.

A Hollywood smile is achieved with the use of veneers, which are made in labs and crafted by dentists. However, we are able to provide both kinds of services, depending on our customers’ needs. Among the two, handmade makeovers are a rather costly and unique method, but we try to accommodate our customers in the most appropriate manner. We are also among very few in the world, who provide this service with an amazing results and with great panache. If you are looking for a full smile makeover, then Hollywood Smile is your friend. Millions of people around the world have benefited from Hollywood Smile, as well as countless celebrities. A Hollywood Smile is an artistic method in which we perform a complete smile makeover, which enhances the self-confidence and captivating beauty of a person. Veneers which are used in Hollywood Smile are tiny layers of porcelain or composite which covers the teeth. Veneers are long-lasting, powerful and can be easily handled, just like teeth. The pivotal motive is to elevate the beauty of one’s smile which results in the enhancement of confidence as well. Usually, the front 10 and bottom 10 teeth of a person are treated in Hollywood Smile but in some cases, the patients have much wider smile, in that case patient’s more visible teeth while smiling are also treated depending upon the different cases.

Hollywood Smile Treatment step by step procedure
Hollywood Smile treatment contains on 2 to 3 visits within a week before going through the Hollywood smile treatment. Following are the Step by Step information about Hollywood Smile Treatment in Ajman.

Patient’s First Visit for Hollywood Smile Treatment in Ajman
Before going through the Hollywood smile treatment in Ajman patient has to visit 2 to 3 times within a week. Consultation at clinica medical center our Cosmetic Dentist examines patient’s teeth to get the precise information if Porcelain Veneers are the right choice for patient or not, during consultation cosmetic dentist explains the full Hollywood Smile treatment procedure to the patient. During consultation of Hollywood Smile our Dentist discusses with patient about his/her desired teeth length, shape, colour and width. Patients have choice to get their desired Hollywood Smile outcome. For getting tentative veneers and Digital Smile preview of patient’s new Hollywood Smile Dentists take pictures of patent’s teeth. Before Hollywood Smile treatment we make sure our patients are 100% satisfied with their new Hollywood Smile.

Patient’s second Visit for Hollywood Smile Treatment
Dentist uses local anesthesia before start the Hollywood smile treatment. Then he/she starts working on patient’s teeth, removes a thin layer from teeth’s enamel to create some space for the tentative veneers.

Patient’s third and final Visit for Hollywood Smile Treatment
Our Cosmetic Dentist installs porcelain veneers on the third and final visit. For evaluation Dentist places the veneers on patient’s teeth. Once Dentist fits the veneers, then he/she cleans and polishes patient’s teeth. Next dentist applies high quality dental cement on every veneer and keep placing on patient’s teeth then to harden the dental. Cosmetic dentist removes dental cement after installation of all veneers Finally patient achieves now his/her very own Hollywood Smile!

Follow Up Visit after Hollywood Smile Treatment procedure
To ensure that patient’s mouth, gums, and porcelain veneers are placed properly and responding to each other patient has to visit the clinic within a week or two after going through the Hollywood Smile Treatment procedure.

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