Plasmage is a medical device, which uses plasma energy, provided through an electric discharge, by a tool that looks like a pen. The process heats the skin, which increases collagen formation.

Many people are concerned with excess skin around their eyes which is often seen as an ageing and tired look. Plasmage has been developed as the only alternative to surgical blepharoplasty, the procedure removes the excess skin and treats the hooded eye with a procedure we call Blefaroplasma.

Areas of application of PLASMAGE.

Unwanted skin

Wrinkles around the eyes - "crows feet"

Aging around the mouth - "bar code"

Scars from acne, keloids, stretch marks

Warts, fibroids, moles



Teleangiiectasiае - superficial vascular changes of the skin




— John Mc

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THE INNOVATION IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES FOR NON-OPERATIVE BLEFAROPLASTICS = BLEFAROPLASMA is here! PLASMAGE is the new concept to achieve PERFECTION with wide application areas for non-invasive lifting, scar removal and imperfections, and a quick recovery period with impressive results!

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